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Entertaining with Bering's & Zadok Jewelers | Part Two

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Happy Tuesday, lovelies! How was your weekend?

I am so excited to bring you the second part of my hostess tips and entertaining tricks, with Bering's and Zadok Jewelers. In case you missed the first one, you can catch up here

In the last post, I talked about planning the perfect party and giving your guests a night to remember. In this edition, I am going to talk about how to be the best party guest, including all the dos and don'ts, as well as fool proof hostess gifts. 

DO RSVP. Your host didn't take the time to send out a evite or invite for no reason. RSVP's are requested so that your host can plan accordingly - don't be the headache that you wouldn't want.

DON'T arrive on time - give the host at least a 15 minute buffer. I bet you all are shocked that I would say this as punctuality is huge to me, but majority of the time, planning a party takes a lot of work and effort, and it is rare the host is ready on time. By arriving early, you will further delay them in getting everything finished. If traffic wasn't an issue, or your Uber driver just drove super fast, sit at a restaurant or cafe in the area, or wait in the car to kill a little time (you know you need to check Instagram for the 10,000th time, anyways). However, this goes without saying, do not arrive too late either, especially if it is a sit down dinner party, or something where your untimeliness will throw off the evening. You should never be more than 15 minutes late in either of these cases. Also, if you are good friends with the host or hostess, showing up early and helping out, would most likely be welcomed. 

DO bring a hostess gift. I've always believed in the rule that you should never show up empty handed. Yes, hosts may say you don't need to bring anything, or that everything is taken care of, but a gift is always warranted when you're coming into someone else's home for a party. Although they may not need anything the night of the event, bringing them something small for them to enjoy is perfect. Whether it's a bottle of wine or bubbly, flowers, candles (my favorite), a coffee table book, an elegant cheeseboard, or some type home accessory, the thought will be be greatly appreciated, not to mention duly noted.

DON'T overstay your welcome. We've all been there, and have had the dreaded party guest that wouldn't leave. The best time to make your exit is when other people begin to leave. Most hosts actually appreciate it when majority of the group leaves all at one time. It is easier to say goodbye to everyone in one fell swoop, and it gives them back their home (plus maybe some peace and quiet), before they have to start the dirty work of post-party clean up. The worst! That being said, you never want to be rude and make an abrupt exit, and you should never leave a party without saying goodbye to the host - no Irish goodbye's allowed! 

DO offer to take your shoes off. Okay, okay, this is a hard rule in my household, and it going to be a lot worse in our new home because we got some fresh, beautiful wood floors installed, but seriously, always offer to take your shoes off. Even my closest friends still laugh at me when I'm at their house for the hundredth time, and I ask if they want me to take my shoes off, even though I know what the answer is. In my mind, it is respectful and never a bad question to ask - who knows, they could have just had their house cleaned that day. These high heel protective caps from Solemates  are a great party favor to have on hand when girlfriend's come over. They not only prevent sinking into grass, or issues walking on cobblestones, but they also protect your wood floors and carpets from the scratches and snags that stiletto heels can cause. 

DON'T bring something that requires a lot of prep work. If your host has asked everyone to bring something to party, keep it simple. I'm sure everyone would love your grandmother's famous pot roast, but it isn't the time or place to have your host putting in extra time and effort into your item. Plus, they probably don't have a lot of extra kitchen space to devote to the item either. A cheese and charcuterie plate is always a great idea, as you can prepare it at home. Another great option is bringing dessert - think macaroons, tarts, or pre-made pies.

DO respect the dress code. If your host has put it on the invite, dress accordingly. If the invite doesn't say, there's no problem in asking the host either! A lot of times, even if a dress code wasn't stated, you can get an idea from the invite and what type of party it is - pool party, BBQ, holiday party, Oscar's Party - you get the picture. 

DON'T have too much to drink. No one ever likes that person. Yes, it is great to have a good time, it is a party after all, but act appropriately. 

DO say thank you! Growing up, my dad made us write thank you cards for everything - literally, everything, and to everyone. As kids, we thought it was so annoying, but it's one of the greatest things that was instilled in me, and one that I have never forgot to this day. Unfortunately with technology, everyone thinks emails or a quick text will suffice (which a lot of times they do), but pulling out the old pen and paper, always does the trick. Thank you notes are so incredibly important, and will be very meaningful to your host. If you know them on a more personal level, then a simple text may be enough (you can be the judge), but nothing puts a smile on someone's face like quite like snail mail - it means you really went the extra mile. Bottom line, be sure to thank your host the night of the event, and the next day.  

And that's a wrap. I hope my do's and don'ts will come in handy at the next party you attend. Have any of your own? I would love to hear them! xo

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