Thursday, April 19, 2018

Multi Color Tweed Mini-Dress

Mini Dress (only $19) | YSL Purse (budget friendly) | Pumps | Earrings (similar style) | Bracelet (similar style) | Sunglasses 

Hello, teensy--weensy mini dress! Verdict is still out whether this cute tweed piece is a dress, or a long top! Ha! I guess it's a matter of perspective (or height)?! Whatever it is, there's no question that it is darn cute. When the cooler temps roll around again, I definitely plan to wear this with tights and OTN boots! Tweed is typically a more winter friendly material, but the bold multi-colors certainly make it seasonally appropriate, and perfect for Spring. 

It has been a whirlwind of a month with lots of travel and more to come! As you know, we had a quick getaway to Mexico, and when we got back, we had a few days before heading to NYC! We had a blast in the Big Apple (we go at the same time every year), and got to enjoy a few Broadyway shows, one too many great meals, and of course, some shopping! 

The day after I got back from New York, my mom came in to town, and we had a great time spending time together, and attending several events! More on that to come! It's always so nice having her in town, and I love going shopping with her because she has a keen eye for style - especially interior decorating. I've been waiting to get a few things for the house, and she definitely encouraged me to purchase some amazing pieces while we were out shopping. 

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Monday, April 2, 2018

On-Trend: Basket Bags

Dress (sold out; similar here, here & here) | Bag | Sandals (must have!) | Hat | Cuff | Bangle | Sunglasses 

Top handle bags gained popularity a few seasons ago, and once the summer season started to roll around, this closet staple has been popping up everywhere! We're seeing everything from straw, to rattan, wicker, and bamboo in all shapes and sizes. The most popular this season seems to be the smaller, the better. 

I feel  like this is a trend that everyone loves to hate. From the Cult Gaia Ark Bag (I've used it in my last two posts), to bucket bags like this one, I've received so many questions and gotten a lot of comments.  "How do things not fall out?" "Aren't they impossible to pack?" "The price tag is ridiculous." "Isn't this fad over?" "Cute, but impractical." Although I won't argue with any of the above, this trend is here to stay, and if anything, it's getting bigger. 

For the record, I haven't had any issues yet with things falling out, and when I pack them, I either put them in my carry-on or stuff them with items in my suitcase to maintain the shape.

My suggestion for dabbling in this trend? Find a great dupe! I love trendy pieces as much as the next girl. but I steer clear of investing in 'of-the-moment' pieces. This trend has stuck around for a while, but who knows how much longer that will last. Just like all popular 'it bags,' there is always someone creating the same thing (or something similar) for less! 

Here are 10 of my favorite basket bags that won't break the bank!


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