Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fierce Blush Tones

SheIn Oh La La sweater | Mother snake print skinny jeans {similar style here - on sale!} | Diane von Furstenberg heels {similar style here} | Lanvin sunglasses ℅ of Ditto | Forever 21 necklace {similar style here}

Hi, everyone! We had a relaxing day at sea yesterday, and today we're spending the day in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. 

We spent the weekend in Lima, Peru, which was amazing. Like I said, I had been there in 2004 (for Machu Picchu), but I didn't remember a lot of it as I was 14, so it was so nice to visit again. The Indian Market was great, as expected, and I definitely did some damage shopping. I stumbled upon this great shop that had baby alpaca hair pillowcases that look identical to a Johnathan Adler rug I have, so I bought one, and then had to go back for another! I have bought a lot more on this trip than I expected to, so I'm crossing my fingers it all fits in my suitcase. 

I bought this pair of pink snakeskin jeans  last year at one of my favorite Houston boutiques, Cakewalk (they're no longer available, but I linked a similar pair above, that's also on sale!). These pants happened to  match the "Oh La La" sweater perfectly, and they're both in Pantone's color of the year, rose quartz. The blush pink hue is one of my favorites, of course, and the sweater is made of the softest material ever - it's under $35, too! 

Stay tuned later this week for my first post on Easter Island - it'll be a great travel guide for anyone that's wanted to go, or may not know they want to get yet!:)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Neutrals + Faux Fur Leopard Vest

Miles David dress & faux fur vest {similar style here & here} | Tory Burch clutch {similar style here} | Miu Mui heels {similar style here} | Necklace purchased in the Philippines | Zayver Designs pearl cuff | Kendra Scott earrings {similar style here}

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week. We had a great time in La Serena, Chile earlier this week followed by two relaxing days at sea. I'm reading a great book called, The Night Circus, and haven't been able to put it down. Highly recommend, even though I'm not even halfway through yet!

Today we are spending the day in Pisco. Peru, which is the gateway to Machu Picchu. We visited Machu Picchu in 2004, so my mom and I will be visiting other Inca ruins tomorrow, and then spending the weekend in the capital city of Lima. I can't wait to visit the Miraflores Indian Market there, and find some great pieces to take home.

When traveling I love finding jewelry that is specific to each place. I love ethnic, chunky pieces - they're great conversation starters! This mother-of-pearl necklace my mother purchased for me when she visited Manila a few years back, and I wear it all the time. The burnt orange beads are very differnt and paired perfectly with these Miu Miu glitter heels.

 I purchased a great shell and feather necklace in Easter Island, as well as a pair of coconut shell earrings that I can't wait to share with you. Up until our flight, I couldn't stop shopping! I don't know what it is about traveling, but I always want everything and feel like I'll never, ever see something like it again (which, isn't true in most cases! haha).

I have two weeks left on vacation, and look forward to sharing all my photos with you in a few short weeks! xo

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Seeing Stripes

SheIn blouse ℅ | Frame Denim jeans | Ivanka Trump over-the-knee boot {sold out, similar style here} | Kate Spade hat (on sale!) | Chanel handbag {similar style here} | Argento Vivo monogram necklace | Kendra Scott bracelets | Lanvin sunglasses ℅ of Ditto | Juice from the Raw juice cleanse ℅ 

Happy Tuesday! 

I took a brief hiatus from the blog while traveling in Easter Island. We returned to Santiago very late Saturday night (actually Sunday morning at 2am!), after a wonderful six days on the island. I cannot begin to sing their praises enough. The ancient statues were beyond awe inspiring, the people were amazing and so kind, and I cannot begin to tell you how incredible the food was. Seriously, it was gourmet and delicious. 

I would highly recommend it to any travel buff or someone that loves history and people. The tours were exhausting - lots of hiking and very go, go, go - there was not a minute to spare. Before heading there, my mom and I talked about what we planned to do with the free time we'd have between tours, but there was none of that. Although it was busy, it was still relaxing and very liberating being disconnected and being in a place very caught in the past, with an incredibly relaxed mentality. 

Since I've been wearing nothing but tennis shoes and bermudas the past week, I couldn't wait to share this fun, casual chic look with you. This stripe blouse is only $20 and could be mixed and matched a number of ways, think pencil skirt or leather leggings. The outfit could not be complete without these fun Lanvin sunnies from Ditto. Ditto offers designer eyewear that you can trade in and out for a monthly fee of $24! How amazing is that??! Use promo code:ASHLEYNICOLE for your first month free!

Before heading on my trip, I did a three day cleanse, courtesy of Juice From the Raw. I don't enjoy doing cleanses, as I hate giving up the foods that I love, but every so often it is a great way to reset and recharge. I would highly recommend JFTR as it came in the mail, fresh and ready to drink. Plus, it was easy to follow, kept me as full as I could be, and allowed me to have one or two raw veggies each day. If you're not ready to jump into a cleanse headfirst, try juices as meal replacements. I do this often, and really enjoy it. Plus it gives you all your daily fruits and veggies! 

We set sail out of Valparaiso today, on a 17 day cruise on board Princess Cruises. This is my 13th journey with Princess, (I've done about a dozen more with different cruise lines) and I'm looking forward to traveling up the western coast of South America. Next stop, La Serena, Chile. 

See you soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pretty Little Elephant Print

Tolani elephant dress (on sale, also comes in a top!)  | Worn for Peace faux fur scarf ℅ | Molly Bracken saddle bag ℅ | SheIn boots | Prada sunglasses | Kendra Scott bracelets | Gorjana hoop earrings  

Happy Thursday, everyone. I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!

This t-shirt dress from celeb loved brand Tolani, was the perfect addition to my suitcase. Not only is it practical, but its lightweight and the print is so fun. Added bonus, it's on sale! The dusty white color of the elephants matched perfectly with the faux fur scarf from Worn for Peace. 

Worn for Peace is a fantastic company, with an even better mission. They provide refugee women living in the United States a supplemental source of income, empowering them to rise above poverty. All products are hand-knit (yes, just like my scarf!) in the USA by women who have survived the afflictions of their war-torn and poverty-stricken homelands. Fashion never looked so good.

When traveling, as I've mentioned, I like to pack with a certain color palette in mind. I find that if you do this, you focus only on those colors, and don't overwhelm yourself when you start looking through your closet. Also, then shoes, handbags, and jewelry will all pair seamlessly together with your outfits too. Which helps keep things to a minimum, and helps you travel light. I know it's hard to eliminate things sometimes, but at the end of the day, travel in pieces that you love best, even if you've worn them on other trips 100 times, and pack for practicality. 

See you soon!
P.S. I'm writing this post in Santiago, pre Easter Island. Plus, I want to enjoy my time there, but don't worry, I'll be sharing more with you on my travels shortly. xo 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Brush Strokes

Molly Bracken dress ℅ | Elaine Turner heels {similar style here} | Coco Loves Rome clutch ℅ | Emma & Chloe necklace ℅ | Kendra Scott earrings {similar style here} | Bracelets purchased while traveling in Africa 

I feel like I've been wearing so much black lately with traveling, that I was ready for a HUGE burst of color. This floral and animal print Molly Bracken dress is the cutest thing ever. I love the princess cut style, which I haven't worn in forever, but I couldn't resist the pattern and the cute bow detail in the back. It's definitely a statement maker. 

These photos were taken last week before I left last Friday for Santiago. We were in Santiago this past weekend and had a wonderful time. We went on a city tour, visited a jewelry store to buy Lapis (the blue gemstone which Chile is famous for), and visited several other noteworthy sites. To say I'm exhausted is putting it mildly. Do you ever feel that way when you travel? No matter how long or short the flight is (or time change or that matter), it totally throws me off! 

We are now headed to Easter Island for five days, so stay tuned! I most likely won't be posting photos on the blog until I return home to Houston, but will be posting on Instagram (be sure to follow along if you don't already). 

I'm so excited to share my trip with you. A few fun facts:
 -Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site
-It's one of the most isolated places in the world (Chile is 2,200 miles away)
-It's a common misconception that the moai (the large head statues that the island is famous for) are just heads, but actually they have bodies that are buried underneath the ground
-Alll the statues are made from solidified volcanic ash

See you soon!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Traveling in Style + the Best Travel Tote Ever!

Photos by Lauren Beatty of Lauren Beatty Photography 
H&M jacket {similar style here - under $50} | Free People stripe shirt | BP leather leggings | Nike sneakers | Vera Bradley 'Lighten Up' travel tote

Up, up and away! 

Later today I'll be taking off for Santiago, Chile, where I'll start my vacation before heading to Easter Island. I always look forward to flying. It's nice to 'unplug' for a bit and just get away from it all. I really like catching up on reading, watching movies and sipping champagne. My preference is to have a flight in the morning versus the evening. The night before a trip I never sleep well anyways, so I just like to get up and get going. Plus, the later in the day the greater the chance of delay. I actually won't be departing until almost 10pm tonight (that's the only time there's a direct flight to Santiago from Houston), so I'll have some extra time to make sure I packed everything.

For a long day of travel, I like to dress for comfort, but hate sacrificing style. Dressing in layers is key. Planes tend to be on the chilly side, which I love. There are those times when you get on a super stuffy one, so it's great to be able to take on or off something. Scarves can double as blankets and can be worn close to your neck or draped over your arms for added warmth. 

I tend to try to wear my bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane so they don't take up room in my suitcase. Traveling in black pants or leggings, or dark denim is always my trusted choice. You never know when you may spill on yourself or sit on something. You don't want to arrive looking a mess at your final destination! Choose tops and bottoms that have Lycra or spandex material in them so you're not too confined. This striped shirt is a perfect go-to, or any comfortable sweater or hoodless sweatshirt. 

This roomy and lightweight Vera Bradley bag is perfect for a long haul or a short weekend getaway. It's expandable (the zipper is in the middle of the bag), so you never have to leave home with all your essentials. The short handles make it easy to attach to your roll-aboard wheelie, and the detachable strap makes it convenient to throw over your shoulder. 

Now you'll be ready to jet set in style! Bon voyage! 


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