Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wyatt's First Fiesta

We celebrated Wyatt's First Fiesta at the end of last month, and it was so great to be surrounded by friends and family for his birthday. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we have a ONE YEAR OLD! Time has flown by and it's been a joy to see how much he's changed, especially in the last few months. His personality is really showing, and no one can argue that he's growing like a weed, 24lbs and 30.5in high, to be exact. 

Not only is a year a big milestone for baby, but it's a big deal for mom and dad too - we survived!!! Not to mention Wyatt and I have birthdays only four days apart, so I opted to look at his fiesta as a dual celebration for me too. 


We held the party at La Grange, a Tex-Mex bar and restaurant in Monrtose. Of course we couldn't have a fiesta and not have Mexican food and margaritas, so it was the perfect fit. We also knew we wanted to have the party outside given Covid concerns, and they have a great outdoor patio that spans two floors and is really spacious. Outside events are tricky, even in Houston this time of year, but we lucked out with a gorgeous 65 degree day. 

The menu for the party included tres salsas, queso, quesadillas, taquitos, and flautas. As far as drinks we had several options to choose from like margaritas (my favorite was the spicy jalapeƱo), sangria, beer and of course, Topo Chico. We really wanted to ensure that everyone attending was fed, considering the party was from 11am-1pm on a Saturday. 


Mariachi Tradicion de Jalisco

Of course no fiesta is complete without a Mariachi band. Hands down the #1 question I was asked at the party was "Where did you find them? They were incredible." My response, "Google!" Haha, and I'm so happy I did. 

They were an incredible ensemble that literally took the party up a notch. They were personable and professional, not to mention played an array of genres, which I was not expecting. My favorite, "Imagine," by John Lennon. I loved the fact that it was a family affair, as well, and the two younger children really added a unique, fun factor. If you're in the market for a mariachi band, I cannot recommend them enough!

Dessert Gallery

Yum, yum and yummmm. I knew as soon as I started party planning that I wanted to have Dessert Gallery make all the goodies, including Wyatt's smash cake, for the party. It's my second time working exclusively with them (the first being at my baby shower last year), and it's easy to see why. Not only are their desserts incredible and tasty, but they really go the extra mile to ensure that the costumer is happy. 

I knew I wanted to have Wyatt's face on the cupcakes for the guests, and they made it so easy by simply taking the image from the invitation. They also created the cutest thematic cookies for the party. The sombrero was my favorite! 

Over the Top Party Events 

I'm so excited to share this vendor with you. Rachel, the owner of Over the Top Party Events, clearly takes the name of her company very seriously because everything she did for Wyatt's Fiesta was OVER THE TOP. Every idea I had she took to another level. Anything I asked or suggested, she overdelivered on (a rarety these days). 

A few days before the event I asked if she happened to have any serapes we could use as tableclothes. But of course she did! She threw in so many extras that went the extra mile - maracas, mini sombreros & pinatas, guitars, and cacti. A true dream to work with. I mean did I mention the life-size donkey?!

Unique Touches

Party invitations

Welcome poster

First birthday "stats" sign

Cake topper

Pinata cake topper

 Personalized confetti

Milestone banner

First birthday high-chair banner

Mini UNO/1 sombrero 

Wyatt's outfit (comes in a girl version too!)

My flower headband

Photos by Kate Robinson Photography 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

My Go-To Baby Essentials from Target

 As a first time mom, it can be really overwhelming knowing which baby products to get and where to find the best prices. When I was making my registry, and in the nine months since Wyatt was born, I found myself constantly opening up my Target app and looking through all the Target Baby essentials. 

Not only is Target a one-stop-shop - clothing, pet food, groceries, you name it - they also have a great assortment of everyday low prices. Not to mention they offer drive upsame day delivery, and order pick up. All of which come in so handy as a mom when you need something fast and quick and don't want the hassle of getting baby in and out of the car. Convenience has never been more important. 

Some of the things I consistently buy from Target are bulk items (hello, diapers and wipes). I also like to make sure I have our go-to snacks on hand, as well as all of our bathing & bedtime essentials. 

When it comes to snacks, we're big fans of anything HappyBaby. When we first started introducing solids we chose their purees. Now we do a combo of the purees for meals, and snack time consists of their Organic Greek Yogis and Teether Crackers. The Strawberry Banana Greek Yogi flavor has quickly become one of my favorite treats, too! 

Our bedtime routine is probably my favorite part of the day. We love bath time, and story time is an absolute must. When I was pregnant, I couldn't resist registering for and buying all the cute hooded towels. Not only are they practical, but they're also a fun way to keep baby's head warm and cozy. This Dino bath set (a great baby shower gift) comes complete with this ferocious hooded towel, washcloths, and a sweet lovey that can be used during bath time or during naps/bedtime. Wyatt loves cuddling up with his little friend. 

Our bath time is never complete without 'spa treatment' aka lotion and a little massage! Perhaps the #1 recommended baby item from my friends and pediatrician was Aquaphor. This salve solves every problem and is safe for baby's delicate skin. Not only does it help with diaper rash, but it also moisturizes dry, chapped skin, and is great for baby eczema, as well. I slather it all over Wyatt! 

With so many brands to choose from at competitive prices, it's so simple to just shop, click and do drive up at Target for all my baby essentials. 

Friday, October 1, 2021

Traveling with a Baby - Our Complete Packing List

I recently shared with you our tips on traveling with an infant, and wanted to follow-up with our packing list. 


Bath tub*


Rubber duck 

Towels (2)*

Wash clothes (6-10)*


Body wash


Hair brush 

Nail care kit 


2-3 outfits per day 

(this is a bit much, but I had/have a lot of items that he was going to grow out of, and wanted to ensure he got to wear them at least once)





Sleep sacks

Merlin Magic Sleep Suit 




Doggy bags 

Paper towel

Hand sanitizer 

Trash can*




Cleaning brush


Pacifier clips 

Silicone Feeders


Burp cloths*

Brezza Formula Maker  

Brezza Sterilizer

Boppy Feeding Pillow 

Since we were gone all summer we did pack our Sterlizer and Formula maker for ease and convenience. For shorter trips or hotel stays, we don't intend to lug it along as it takes up a lot of space (plus we don't want to damage them). 

Medical kit 


Gripe water 



A+D ointment 


Zarbee’s Nasal must 

Cotton swab 

Cotton pads 


Tooth brush

Snot sucker 



Fisher Price Sit Me Up*

Fisher Price Dome On-The-Go*


Baby Bjorn Bouncer chair 

+Monthly milestone cards for pictures


Pack & Play

Foldable Mattress*

2 crib sheet*

Hatch Baby Rest sound machine 

Barefoot dreams blanket & lovey 




Stroller caddy 


Sun shield 

Mosquito net 

Rain cover 

Artipoppe Carrier 

Doona (what he traveled with through the airport and on the plane) 

Doona seat cover/protector 

I purchased this stroller bag and it worked perfectly. It is huge and fit a ton. Along with the our Silver Cross Wave stroller I fit the DockaTot, Baby Bjorn bouncer, and all the stroller items in the bag. 

Diaper bag 

I use the ToteSavvy Deluxe Bag organizer insert inside of my handbag to hold all of Wyatt's stuff. 

Bottles (2)

Water (2)
Formula (extra in case of delays)
Diapers (4) 
Dog bags
Bibs (2)
Burp cloths (2) 
Gallon ziplock bags (2) - for soiled clothing and to store dirty items in that were used on the plane 
Pacifiers & clips (2)
Antibacterial wipes 
Alcohol free antibacterial wipes (for Wyatt's hands)
Sophie/stroller toy

In my roll aboard carry-on 

Extra wipes 

Extra diapers 

Medicine kit 

Baby Monitor

Hatch Baby Rest sound machine 

Two extra outfits

Folder with health records, birth certificate, etc.  

Items with a * next to them we ordered and had delivered to my family's house. I know moving forward that won't always be practical or necessary, but for packing/space savings sake it was really helpful. 

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