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Hospital Bag Packing List

It's hard to believe that I started writing this post back in January a few days before Wyatt's arrival, and that I'm just getting around to posting it now! Phew, where does the time go?! I definitely still wanted to share this with you because I figure there's at least someone out there as desperate as I was looking for a concise list of what to bring the the hospital. 

When researching what to bring, I not only referenced books and talked to my doctor, but I read several dozen blogs to see what other women had brought. I found it helpful when they would list what they had packed, and then include an update on what they didn't use, or what they wish they had brought. To be honest, there wasn't one thing I didn't feel like I had. Mind you, I didn't pack a suitcase, I only had a wheelie for both Wyatt and my things (packing cubes are a must). Maybe it was all the research I did, or the fact that when they say you could show up at the hospital with nothing, it's actually kind of true. 

After going through it and spending nearly four days in the hospital (4 hours in triage, 19 hours in labor and electively staying an extra day), I feel confident in saying that this hospital packing list is bulletproof!

The list below is everything I packed. I've put * next to items I didn't end up using. Even though I didn't use them, I would still suggest packing them as everyone's experience is different, and you never know what you may need/want.  


Longchamp bag (large to fit postpartum items)

I wanted to use this bag as I knew I could easily throw it in the wash when I got home to get off all the germs. I actually ended up using laundry bags that the hospital had/the diaper bag 'gift bag' they gave me to put my postpartum loot in. I highly suggest taking everything you can with you, and don't be shy to ask for more. In a separate post I'll share my postpartum must-haves with you. 

Admin Info


Insurance Card

Folder for Documents

I felt like this was probably the most important thing I brought with me. I had no idea how many things are thrown your way when you're in the hospital - newborn handbook, documents, newborn identification, verification of birth, info on how to order your baby's birth certificate (yes - you have to order it, which was news to me), and lots more. It really was overwhelming and hard to take everything in, especially given the fact you just birthed a baby. That being said, having this folder was a life saver, as I wasn't just throwing things in my bag when we left and losing them. I'm still using it to organize all his info, making everything easy and convenient from day one! 

Birth Plan*

My birth plan was not detailed at all, but I was told to simply bring a one page print out that I found on the hospital's website. The only thing I included was that I wanted Adam to cut the umbilical cord, and that I wanted my son circumcised. Besides that, my only 'plan' was happy, healthy baby. To be honest, no one ever asked for my birth plan or what it was. They did however ask questions before they did anything, so it was a catch 22.  I suppose if I had greater detail I could have easily shared it with the nurses/doctor, but that wasn't the case. 

Pediatrician Info

Clorox Pads/Wet Wipes/Sanitizer/Kleenex

Starbucks Gift cards for Nurses

Ask your doctor ahead of time what the hospital's policy is on nurses gifts. I brought five $20 gift cards, which worked well because the nurses couldn't accept anything above a $25 value. Do I think you need nurses gifts or baskets? No. But I do think it's nice to have an option if you really feel like someone made a difference in your baby's delivery/your labor process. 


Phone Cord

Extension Cord*

Multi USB plug

The hospital had lots of outlets, but this made it easy to plug everything in and have it in one place. This has eight USB outlets, and I had it on the tray table that was next to my bed - highly recommend for ease and convenience.

Portable Fan

I bought this fan to attach to Wyatt's stroller when it's hot out. I'd read that it was helpful to have a fan on hand for all the sweats, hot flashes, etc. accompanied with labor. I actually didn't end up using it, but do think it's worth bringing, especially if your room doesn't have it's own thermostat (luckily ours did - lifesaving)! 

Portable Speaker (create playlist)*

White Noise Maker

I've had this portable travel white noise maker for years, and know it's one of the baby/new parent 'must-haves.' It was great to use during the day/night to block out all the hospital noise. 

Baby Shusher

This noise maker makes "shushing" noises. We put this in Wyatt's bassinet for some additional noise. I honestly haven't used it since (even though I know everyone swears by it, we haven't utilized it), but it was nice to have at the hospital, but honestly not necessary. 

Noise Canceling Headphones/Earbuds*

Diffuser with Oils

This may seem like the most ridiculous thing, but due to the fact that we were at the hospital so long and I was in labor for what felt like forever, the oils were nice and made the hospital not smell so antiseptic. Also, the one I bought has multi color lights, which was a great night light so we could turn all the overhead ones off pre/post Wyatt's arrival. 

Mini Tripod/Light*

The only reason we didn't use this was because the hospital actually had an in-house photographer come around when you were in your recovery room. I wasn't expecting that, so I had prepared ahead of time because I wanted to capture some of those initial moments together. 





 These items were hands down the best things we brought. We brought only one pillow for me, but two Barefoot Dreams blankets for each of us, which brought me a lot of comfort and at least felt like home. Plus it was nice to wrap Wyatt up in it with my after his arrival. The hospital provided additional pillows, linens, towels, etc. for both of us, so that helped too! We also just hand carried these in once we knew we were being admitted, and I brought trash bags to put them in once we left. 


Labor & Delivery Gown with Pillowcase*

I bought this set with a cute matching pillow case (so over the top), but I wanted to have the option. Honestly I may have put it on when I first got there, but things moved so fast and before you know it you're hooked up to IVs etc. making it challenging to change. Also, the labor & delivery gowns get dirty!!! so you really want to be changing/throwing them away as much as possible.

Fuzzy Grip Socks

I wore my own, but also wore the ones from the hospital. I honestly didn't really feel like I needed them. Skip! Bring slippers!! Best decision I ever made....and I added these to my bag as we were walking out the door!


This nightgown (pictured above) I brought was amazing. I wore it one day, and the matching bathrobe another. In all honesty I wish I would have brought two of the nightgowns. I also wore it a lot when I first got home, and still do  - it's insanely soft and comfortable. I highly suggest clothing with easy access - not only for breastfeeding or skin to skin, but because the nurses are coming in to check on you/check you out what feels like non-stop. 

Bathrobe (pictured above)

Going Home Outfit

I bought this Hill House dress specifically to wear home from the hospital, and it was perfect. A little on the pricey side, but I knew I wanted something special and comfortable that I could wear again. I recommend to any new mama to plan to go home wearing a dress - postpartum diapers, underwear, etc. are no joke and are bulky. If you want to pack even less, you can always wear home what you wore to the hospital. 

Flip Flops

Sports Bra/Ace Bandage*

I chose not to breastfeed for several reasons, so I was told to bring a good fitting sports bra to help suppress my milk supply. I did not end up using the ace bandage (which I was told to have on hand for even more added pressure - who knows). I didn't actually wear a bra my entire hospital stay, but did when I got home during the day to help dry up my supply. 


These pregnancy/postpartum underwear are awesome. They are so soft and seamless. I wore near the end of my pregnancy and postpartum. They're soft and comfortable, and are low rise, which is great if you have a C-section (FYI - I did not). 

Trash Bags for Laundry

They had small laundry bags (grocery bag size) at the hospital, but the trash bags were nice to put my pillow in and our blankets in for heading home. 



Dry Shampoo


So necessary. Whether it's an actual headband or an elastic, bring something to hold your hair back and keep it out of your face. You'll be happy you did when you're pushing!

Hair ties

Facial Wipes

Much easier than washing your face and makes you feel clean. 

Facial Mist

I use this everyday to refresh. I love it. 


Be sure to have a few on hand - the hospital is dry!

Makeup Mirror

This sounds so extra, but it was really nice not having to get up and drag my IV with me to look in the mirror. This one is razor thin and lights up, which is nice and will be great for traveling. I had planned to put on a coat of mascara and concealer on before Wyatt's arrival, but go time came sooner than expected so I wasn't able to, but did have every intention to ha!

Eye Patches*


I packed all my other usual toiletries - toothpaste, tooth brush, mini shampoo/conditioner, etc. I listed the ones above because I wanted to be sure I didn't forget them. 


Dermoplast/Perineal Spray

Nipple Cream*

Peri Bottle

The hospital will give you one, but this one is so much better and more 'user' friendly. 

Nursing Pads*


I never thought I'd be linking diapers or saying this, but these are amazing. Mom's-to-be, buy these! Pricey but soooo soooo soooo worth it, and dare I say kind of cute? Well, as cute as diapers can get. The hospital will have mesh underwear and doggy pee pad pads (yes, they're that big!) for you, but when you get home, these are absorbent and comfortable. Also, they can fit under clothing, which is nice for when you need to get out of the house but still need coverage. 

Stool Softener/Gas X* 





Nail File*

Welcome Sign/Pen

We weren't 100% positive on baby's name (we wanted to wait until after he was born to decide), so if you're like us, this is a great option. 

Newborn Nest Outfit 

Highly recommend! This is great to buy for yourself if you're expecting, or to give as a gift. The set includes a crib sheet, swaddle, dress & hat - this was the outfit we had him photographed in for his big debut!

Swaddle (to match Mom)





Like I said above, we weren't 100% sure what we were going to name baby boy. Funny story - he was 'Ashley's boy' for the first two days of his life. That being said, the ONE name we always agreed on and kept going back to was Wyatt...so I had  ordered a hat with his name on it ahead of time, just in case we went with it. That being said, I had no qualms with leaving it at the hospital had we decided to go with one of the other names we liked. 

Going Home Outfit

Pack something cute and special for this occasion, as you'll want to take pictures! I didn't end up using a lot of the clothing I packed for Wyatt because we kept him in the hospital swaddles the whole time. Doctors and nurses were constantly coming in and out to check on him, so it was just easier to have him in something that could be taken off and put back on immediately. Also, the amount of spit up, pee, and poop was surprising for us as first time parents, so it was nice to just ditch the swaddles and not have to worry about laundering anything or having to throw anything away. If there is a next time, I will most likely bring next to nothing for baby, besides that special photo outfit and a going home outfit. I didn't need toiletries etc. for him because the hospital had everything. If they don't give it to yo right away  you can simply ask, and they'll provide it. 

Blanket for Car

Car Seat/Stroller

We got the Doona as our car seat/travel stroller and I cannot recommend it enough. It's so easy to use, and makes going to and from doctors appointments, out to eat, or running errands a breeze. It's also great for travel (which we haven't done yet!), and is FAA compliant to fit in an airplane seat. Hands down the #1 baby item we own. 


The "chart" I'm referencing is the one that the hospital gives you to record baby's feeds/ounces taken, pees, poops, etc. So we didn't bring this with us, it was to remind me to bring it home! It was really helpful the first month because doctors will ask about all the above, and it makes it easier to remember. Also, we had a night nurse and it helped us stay on track and on top of what she was doing, as well. 







Change of Clothes

Phone Cord


Ok, so I had a friend suggest cash because their husband had to use a vending machine for food. We didn't encounter this issue, but we were also at a different hospital, so I'm not sure. Our hospital had a five page menu (!!!) and the food was really good. My food was all included, but spouses have to pay for their food besides the celebratory dinner you were given after baby arrives. 




Water Bottles (x2)*

We ended up bringing about 10 bottles of water with us, not reusable water bottles. I was given a reusable water jug once i was put in Labor & Delivery, which I chugged non-stop. Honestly though, I don't think Adam wasn't offered anything (ha), so we were really glad we had brought bottled water with us for him. Also, on the rare occurrence a nurse hadn't filled up my massive big gulp of water, it was good to know we had some on hand. 

 I threw three things in my bag last minute, like literally when we were walking out of the house, and they probably are the three most important things I brought with me! 

silicone reusable flexi straw. The straw was a godsend. I had the reusable water jug I mentioned above, but it came with a flimsy plastic straw. I have no idea why I threw in the reusable straw at the end, but I'm so happy I did. It was extra long, which made taking drinks of water in between pushes so much easier. 

Slippers. The slippers were nice to have for trips to the bathroom, bouncing on the ball, or just walking around. They gave me a feeling of comfort and home, which was nice. They actually were in the garage in a bag for Goodwill as I had recently gotten a new pair, so I grabbed them last minute and was so happy I did. I left them at the hospital, because lord knows I didn't want those germs back in my house. Next time I would bring a pair of hotel ones so I could toss them, too. 

Extra medical masks. Hopefully for all the mom's-to-be reading this you'll be in a different ball game by the time you have your little one, but masks were a very real reality for us. We were given masks to put on upon arrival and had to keep them on at all times, unless no one was in the room (which seemed like it never happened). I actually had to give birth in one too...so any time anyone complains about mask wearing, that shuts them up really quick. Ha! I am glad I brought extras because it gave us the option to throw out the old one and put on a fresh one each day. 

Leading up to your big day, don't be shy to ask your doctor what the hospital all provides. You can also go to the information desk at your hospital, and they should be able to tell you too. When you're in recovery, don't be shy about asking for more things, or if they have something you forgot. Like I said, they happily provided us with anything I asked for. I also told them I wanted to bring home as much postpartum stuff as I could, and they brought me lots of extras. I took diapers for baby & me, swaddles, socks, mittens, hats, pads, underwear, peri bottle - if it wasn't bolted down, it went in my bag. 

Don't expect to be bored. I read countless blogs where people said they were bored and played games. I don't know what they had going on, but my experience was far from boring. Plus, from the minute you step into the hospital until the moment you leave, your room is like a revolving door. There is constantly someone coming in to check on you and baby. That was one of the biggest things that surprised me.

There you have it! My thorough and long winded hospital packing list. I put a lot of effort into preparing my bag for the big day and doing my research, so my hope is that this makes packing your hospital bag a little easier and less stressful. 

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