Monday, February 12, 2018

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve + Last Minute Date Night Ideas

Valentine's Day is only two days away! Whether you're planning an intimate night with your loved one, or going all out, here are some last minute date night ideas! 

Get busy in the kitchen. Find a new recipe that you two can make together and have a romantic time at home

Take one another shopping! Seriously, how many times has your beau bought you something you didn't like? Now you can take the guessing out and treat one another to something sweet!

Play tourist in your city (this is something I've always loved doing). Take some time to Google little known things about your town, visit the landmarks, or do something that's been on your list that you've never got around to

Take in a comedy show at a local, small theater

Plan a picnic! Even if it's chilly in your neck of the woods, you can always enjoy the romance of a picnic in your home. Just don't forget the blanket, strawberries, cheese and champagne


Enjoy dinner and a movie. I know it sounds cliche, but what better date night is there?

Head to the spa for a couples retreat

Recreate your first date. If we still lived in San Francisco, this is exactly what I would want to be doing

Cozy up by the fire and rent your favorite romantic movie

Take a mini road trip and enjoy the day exploring

Go to a new workout class together! 

Enjoy uninterrupted time together. Turn off your phones, unplug the phone, and just enjoy being in the moment 

Whatever you have in store for Wednesday, it's not too late to get a cute outfit. This cozy, mock turtleneck sweater is great for Valentine's Day and year round. I love the heart detailing on the elbows, and the fact that it's only $55. It also comes in grey and navy!


Photos by LA Photography

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