Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cobalt & Turquoise Striped Dress

Just like that, we're kicking off a new week!

Did you all tune into the Super Bowl on Sunday? I really wasn't looking forward to it (obviously because my Packers should have been in it), but it ended up being a really great game. I definitely was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and wasn't sure who was going to take home the trophy. More importantly, I was beyond excited for the game to be over so I could watch This is Us. Oh my goodness. If you don't watch the show, you need to start now! While I was sick last month, I caught up on last season and this season, and it is such a great, relateable show. It has it's sad moments, but everything comes full circle and leaves you wanting more!

You may recognize this dress from my post last week. When you like something, you buy it in every color, right? This is my fourth (and favorite) dress in this style, and for obvious reasons. I've worn this to daytime meetings, evening events, and everything in between. What I love about it is that even if the dress errs on the conservative side, I can play it up with jewelry and accessories. For chillier weather, it pairs perfectly with opaque tights and a black faux fur shrug or stole. 

Check out the two similar styles I've linked below, as well as a lookalike for my bag that's a fraction of the cost!

Photos by LA Photography

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