Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Entertaining with Bering's & Zadok Jewlers | Part Three

David Peck jumpsuit (similar style) | Isaac Mizrahi heels (similar style) | All jewelry kindly provided by Zadok Jewelers  | All tabletop kindly provided by Bering's

This three part series has been one of my favorite things I've worked on thus far on the blog. I'm sure it goes without saying, but it was beyond fun playing with gorgeous jewels, having the perfect tabletop and accent pieces on hand, and shooting in a multi-million dollar house. To say it was the perfect day at work would be an understatement. 

In our final installment, I am going to talk about how to host the perfect date night for your sweetie. Whether your just dating, engaged, or been married for a long time, I've always been one that firmly believes you should carve out some one-on-one time with the one you love. Work, life, kids, and so many other things can keep both of you so busy, that it is important to spoil the man (or woman) of your dreams with a night-in they'll never forget. 

Dress Up!
I don't know about you, but recently (especially with the move), I have been living in workout clothes. Our partners always see us at our best, and worst, so be sure to show 'em what you got - I mean, it is date night. Whether you're cooking a more formal meal, or just a simple salad or bbq, dress to impress. They only have eyes for you, but it never hurts to remind them just how special you are. I think we fall into a rut when we are at home because casual is the name of the game, and being comfy at home is a must, but don't shy away from transforming your evening into a fancy one, and requesting that they dress the same. So pull out that gorgeous dress, dress it up with stunning jewelry (can we talk about all these beauties from Zadok Jewelers?!), and don't forget the high heels.

Switch it Up
Every week we do steak night, and it is something we always look forward to. We prepare everything together, have a wine and cheese, and then sit on the patio while the grill is going. This is definitely a favorite pastime and something we both love, but try to think outside the box, especially if there's something you do on a regular basis. Make the evening about trying something new. Some ideas - cook something you both never have before, explore the "world" and cook signature dishes from other countries, do a chocolate and wine pairing, or make it a movie night, by creating tapas inspired by your favorite movies. 

Set the Table
You've heard me say it a dozen times now, but setting the table is the perfect way to set the mood. Plus, who doesn't like dressing up their table - the possibilities are endless. Every time I go to HomeGoods or Pier 1, I always come home with thematic cake stands, wine glasses, napkin rings and placemats. You can bet majority of our kitchen is filled with all my table settings. Setting the perfect table for your honey is a great way to enhance the night, so be sure to put emphasis on this. Also, be aware of the season - if it's summer, make it bright and cheery, if it's winter, make the color scheme a bit more hearty. This tablesetting from Bering's was my favorite we used for the entire shoot. Not only was it sexy and the pieces were stunning, but it had a great masculine vibe to it. 

Make it About the Two of You
More often then not we lose sight of the one by our side, and take their constant companionship for granted. Whether you've been together for decades, or just a few months, be sure to let them know how much they matter. Relive, and reminisce about the past, talk about the future, or just live in the moment, but be sure to make the evening about the two of you. 

Thank you to On Point Custom Homes for providing this stunning backdrop for our photo shoot. On Point Custom Homes is a leading custom home design and build company that has been creating a variety of luxury homes in Houston for the past 10 years. This home, located at their 2211 Colquitt, is currently on the market. Find out more information by clicking here.

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