Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Embroidered Ruffled Dress

Chicwish dress   (under $54 - I'm wearing a Small) | Sam Edelman "Gigi" sandals | Saks Fifth Avenue hat (similar style here) | Floral leather hat accessory purchased in Peru | Thierry Lasry sunglasses | Zayver Designs earrings & bracelet 

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

We got back very late (or early) last Wednesday at 4am! You can bet that put a damper on the week! Not only did we have jet lag, but we were exhausted from constant delays. Ahhh the joys of travel. We were just happy it happened on the tail end of the trip, instead of at the beginning. 

We had a wonderful four days in Madrid and went NON-STOP! We walked over forty miles while we were there, went site-seeing, saw, shopped, ate and drank our way through the city. It was magical and we had a blast. After that, we headed to Mallorca for a week for my cousins wedding, which was a wonderful time. It was great seeing my sister, my family, and old family friends we rarely see, and getting to celebrate my cousin and her now husband. It was about a five day extravaganza, so to say we left extremely exhausted would be putting it mildly! haha! I will definitely be posting a travel guide on both Madrid and Mallorca sometime in July. 

Remember the big news that I've been mentioning for the last few weeks? Well, now I can officially tell you the biggie - we bought a house!!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited. I had no idea that you had to keep the house hunting/offer/closing/etc top secret in case something fell through. Can you tell this was my first rodeo? We closed last Friday and have been over the moon. When we moved to Houston almost three years ago, we didn't know how long we would be staying for, so renting was the logical idea. What we didn't know, was unlike San Francisco, majority of lease agreements could only last one year here in Houston, thus, three moves in three years. Yikes. When we started discussing the next few years, we knew that staying in Houston was not only best for our careers right now, but also, it's started to feel like home. I don't know if I am more excited for our own place, or to get rid of all the packing material and boxes. So long masking tape! 

Once we're all situated, unpacked and organized, I will definitely be doing a home tour and sharing my new abode with you. It will be a while though - we won't be moving until the end of next month, and trust me, I am already itching to get in (but definitely not ready to pack)! We have contractors in doing lots of odds and ends to put our touch on it, and I have no doubt it'll be perfect once everything is done. I've completely re-done and redecorated my office, so that'll be a major change that I know you'll love. I can't wait to see everything come together and can't wait to share the process with you! xxoo

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