Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Brush Strokes

Molly Bracken dress ℅ | Elaine Turner heels {similar style here} | Coco Loves Rome clutch ℅ | Emma & Chloe necklace ℅ | Kendra Scott earrings {similar style here} | Bracelets purchased while traveling in Africa 

I feel like I've been wearing so much black lately with traveling, that I was ready for a HUGE burst of color. This floral and animal print Molly Bracken dress is the cutest thing ever. I love the princess cut style, which I haven't worn in forever, but I couldn't resist the pattern and the cute bow detail in the back. It's definitely a statement maker. 

These photos were taken last week before I left last Friday for Santiago. We were in Santiago this past weekend and had a wonderful time. We went on a city tour, visited a jewelry store to buy Lapis (the blue gemstone which Chile is famous for), and visited several other noteworthy sites. To say I'm exhausted is putting it mildly. Do you ever feel that way when you travel? No matter how long or short the flight is (or time change or that matter), it totally throws me off! 

We are now headed to Easter Island for five days, so stay tuned! I most likely won't be posting photos on the blog until I return home to Houston, but will be posting on Instagram (be sure to follow along if you don't already). 

I'm so excited to share my trip with you. A few fun facts:
 -Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site
-It's one of the most isolated places in the world (Chile is 2,200 miles away)
-It's a common misconception that the moai (the large head statues that the island is famous for) are just heads, but actually they have bodies that are buried underneath the ground
-Alll the statues are made from solidified volcanic ash

See you soon!

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  1. That is the coolest wall to take photos in front of!! So pretty :)




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