Monday, September 27, 2021

Shopping for the Perfect Diamond Studs with Diamonds Direct

When it comes to shopping for a special gift, there's no better place to go than Diamonds Direct. Diamonds Direct is a national jewelry company that has over 22 stores (and growing!), including one here in Houston. If you haven't visited their showroom yet, be sure to put it on your must-do list. 

They carry several world-renowned designers, meaning they have something for everyone. What's especially unique about Diamonds Direct is that they're a direct diamond importer. That means they completely cut out the middleman, giving their buyer low and competitive prices. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and lifetime upgrade policy on their jewelry. Psst, husbands, did you hear that?! The Diamonds Direct upgrade policy gives you back 110% of your original purchase price to put towards your next piece. You can come in as often as you like to upgrade your original diamond and you’re only required to pay the difference between the two!

Whether it's an engagement ring, push present, or a unique heirloom piece, diamonds always represent something significant. After I had Wyatt I knew I wanted to add something sparkly to my collection to represent such a big milestone in my life. I knew diamond earrings would make the perfect gift as they're timeless, elegant and can be worn everyday - dressed up or down. 

I had an idea what cut and carat weight I wanted, but knew it was important to try on everything in person to ensure that they were just the right fit. What's great about Diamonds Direct is that they have a large array of sizes in-store. They also have loose diamonds, so if they don't have the specific size you're looking for on the showroom floor, they can make it for you. Not to mention the staff is so easy to work with, which isn't always the case when it comes to jewelry. 

When visiting Diamonds Direct you aren't pressured into buying anything or followed around by pesky sales representatives. The staff is incredibly helpful and easy to work with - it's obvious that they want to ensure that the customer is happy, while also considering their budget. I had the chance to work with several of their employees and each one was very helpful. 

They showed me several different sizes, as well as sharing with me that there are different settings for diamond studs. These settings include the four-prong basket (most common), martini (three pronged), bezel (diamond enclosed within the setting), and halo (diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds).  

When picking my earrings, I definitely was going for more 'standout' than subtle. I ended up choosing a pair of 14k white gold earrings with round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 3.02 carats. As you can see from all these photos, having ~1.5 carats in each ear certainly makes a statement. I opted for the three prong martini setting, and love it. The diamond fits snuggly into the triangular setting, allowing for more of it to be seen and giving it even more sparkle. 

This push gift was certainly worth the extra wait to get just what I wanted! 

Thank you to Diamonds Direct for partnering with me on this post.

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