Sunday, November 1, 2020

Pregnancy Q & A

How far along are you? 

I will be 28 weeks on Tuesday, which means I'll officially be in my third trimester! 

When is your due date?

January 26th. Baby may arrive right before my birthday, which is January 28th.

Do you what you're having?

Yes eeek! We will be sharing soon.

Do you have a name picked out?

Not yet. Choosing a name is hard. We do have a list of about a dozen names that we love, but we probably won't decide until their arrival. 

How many kids do you want?

Maybe two. I'm just looking forward to one, and we'll do whatever feels right and makes us happy down the road. 

How much weight have you put on?

I debated answering this question, but thought it was important to be transparent for a few reasons. Prior to getting pregnant or even trying to for that matter, I would read pregnancy Q & A's, as well as birth stories online. One of the reasons I did was so that I could mentally prepare myself (ha), but also so I could compare and contrast other's experiences to make my own educated decision. Majority of the time I would see bloggers opt not to discuss how much weight they gained, which I completely support and understand. That being said, I feel like prior to getting pregnant, I would have liked to know/see this discussed more - mainly just for a point of reference/out of curiosity. I preface my answer by saying that everybody and every body is completely different. As of last week at my 27th week visit, I'd gained 14 pounds, 11 ounces. 

 Were you trying or was it a surprise? If you had been trying, how long did it take?

This pregnancy was definitely planned. We'd been trying for about 8 months. 

How has it been being pregnant with Covid? 

Like life for everyone else right now, it hasn't been ideal. It is tough not being able to see anyone and not having family near us right now. To be honest, it's also been a challenge to wonder if I'll get a baby shower, and if Adam will be able to go to XYZ with me. He has been able to go to the 'big appointments,' which has been really nice and I am thankful for that. I continue to try to put everything in perspective. We're healthy and so is our family, and we have a roof over our head and food on the table. We've been given this special gift, and we're getting extra time together that we wouldn't have had otherwise. Adam used to travel weekly for work, so it's been nice to have him by my side every step of the way. Personally for us, Covid/quarantine has strengthened our relationship, which I feel like has prepared us even more for the journey to come. 

What pregnancy symptoms did you/have you had?

Honestly I basically had zero symptoms. I know I am one of the rare women who faired well in the first trimester, and even the second for that matter, and I don't take it for granted. I had no nausea, etc., unless you count mood swings, but I always have those. HA! The only symptom I've really dealt with is tiredness. The exhaustion is real. Some days when I'd wake up all I'd literally want to do is go back to sleep. I lose a lot of 'speed' after 3pm and typically 'schedule' a 20 min to an hour nap in the late afternoon. 

Have you had any cravings/aversions? Have you changed your diet?

I've been craving sweets. Lots of them. I am a big salt over sweet person, but literally MUST have dessert every night now. Besides that, I've been eating a ton of oranges and peanut butter (not together, but I wouldn't be opposed)! As far as aversions, there aren't any I can think of besides the typical food that I avoid all the time. 

My diet has remained pretty much the same. I try to eat a healthy balanced diet, and although I've added in some cake and candy here and there, I really am trying to be as mindful as possible not to get carried away. I've read that the baby's taste buds are formed based off things you eat, and I consciously want those to be {mainly} good things. 

Favorite and least favorite thing(s) about being pregnant?

I feel like my least favorite and favorite thing are kind of intertwined. It has been incredible to see how my body is changing during this special time and is adapting to 'creating' a human. On the flip side, its also been hard to see my body change and look different than what I'm used to. 

Another thing I have loved is feeling the baby kick. It really puts things in perspective and is a really fun thing to experience with Adam. 

How has your arthritis affected your pregnancy?

My arthritic condition primarily affects my hips and lower back, so I'm not sure what the third trimester will hold, but up until now my symptoms have basically stayed the same. I haven't experienced any flare-ups, which has been a godsend. I also have been able to continue on my medication, which I know has helped. I've also stayed as active as possible, even on days I didn't want to. 

What's your current fitness routine?

I've stuck with the workouts I did prior to becoming pregnant. I've been walking, doing barre classes at home (highly recommend), as well as biking and Peloton. I've been working out anywhere from 4-6 days a week, sometimes twice a day if I'm up for it (usually combining barre class and a walk). I'm trying to stay as active as possible during this time because I've heard it not only aids you during labor, but also postpartum. I also know from having arthritis that even if I don't want to move and am hurting, I always feel better if I do a little something, even if its 10-20 minutes. 

Why did you keep your pregnancy a secret so long?

I talked a little bit about this in my pregnancy announcement post, but for those of you that didn't catch it, here's the answer. This is about us. Neither of us felt the need to scream it from the rooftops and share with everyone immediately. We really wanted to savor and soak in this sacred and special moment in our lives. It isn't everyday that you have a baby, nor is it everyday that you're officially starting a new incredible, albeit scary, chapter in your life. Keeping it to ourselves not only felt like 'our little secret' but has been intimate moment in time that has brought us closer together. Also, Adam, and the baby for that matter, didn't "sign up" to share their lives online, and it is important for me to be mindful of that, as well. I am a big proponent of "to each their own" and feel like everyone's decision and opinion should be respected.

How do you not look pregnant in any of your photos/how did you hide the bump?

I can't say I was trying to hide the bump, but I also wasn't showcasing it either. It's fairly easy to not show your belly/bump in photos if you don't want to - it's all about the angles. Facing the camera, consciously holding your purse/coffee/etc. in front of your stomach, as well as sitting down, or taking photos with your back turned can easily help you 'not show' as much. 

Personally I felt as though I really didn't start to show until week 22-23. Prior to that, I feel like if I saw someone that they'd figure I may have just put on a few pounds during Covid.....or ate a burrito for lunch;) My stomach really hadn't popped, so I wasn't trying to hide it as much as it wasn't really there.

Have you purchased any maternity clothes?

With Covid going on, I really haven't had a ton of places to go or needed maternity wear. My wardrobe nowadays consists of workout clothes and comfy t-shirt dresses (I miss my high heels and cocktail dresses). For now, I have stayed the same size in those items, or have sized up if necessary. I basically have been wearing stretchy pieces to accommodate growth/weight gain, so it goes without saying that most, if not all, my form fitting clothes don't fit. Last week when the temps dropped I did order my first item of  'maternity wear' - a pair of maternity jeans. 

Will this change the blog?

I mean hasn't it already?! Here we are talking about babies! Joking aside, I would expect to see some changes around here. Motherhood is now going to be a big part of my life, and I hope you stick around and join me on this new journey. I will still be doing fashion, lifestyle and hopefully travel again (if that ever returns), but like all of us, the blog will be changing and evolving. In my opinion for the better;) 

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