Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Recent Amazon Purchases

From kitchen gadgets, to delicious snacks and of course some clothes, here's a look at some of my favorite recent Amazon buys! 

1. Tinted Eye Roller. Since March when covid/quarantine took full effect, I definitely have taken advantage of not wearing makeup. Seriously, I think I've worn makeup twice in the last four months...and I'm loving it. I've still been using my tinted SPF moisturizer daily, and recently added this tinted eye roller to my everyday routine. Not only does it soothe tired eyes, but the metal roller ball calms under eyes, and also brightens and provides coverage for dark circles.
2. Facial Cleansing Brush. I've long been a fan of the Clarisonic, but sometimes it's a pain in the but to travel since it has to be charged, and is also bulky. These facial scrubbers easily connect to your fingers, and give you the best face scrub you've ever had. It exfoliates your skin without drying it, and also penetrates the skin making your face wash more effective/targeted.
3. Taco Stands. I'm not even sure this needs an explanation! We love Mexican food and enjoy making it at home, but never liked how our tacos would just fall flat on our plates. No one likes a soggy taco, or one that has all of the ingredients spill all over. These are just what the doctor ordered! They fit both hard and soft shell tacos, too!
4. Ruffle Bathing Suit. This cute suit comes in tons of colors and is incredibly flattering. The straps can be detached too, which gives you a 2-for-1 look. I sized up to a medium.
5. Absorbent Hair Towel. This microfiber towel cuts dry time in half. It soaks up all that extra moisturizer, and easily stays in place.
6. Apple Slicer. I love apples, but hate cutting them. This fancy mechanism easily slides over your apples, and slices them easily and effortlessly.
7. Guacamole Saver. Can you see a trend with all these food gadgets I'm buying? And I'm not even done yet. I love avocados, and store bought guac, but hate seeing them overripen and go to waste. This seriously keeps avocados fresh, and is perfect for storage and serving, as well.
8. Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt & Matching Shorts. I wore this outfit for our road trip back to Wisconsin. It is so soft, and I love how the ruffle sleeve adds a girly touch to an otherwise basic look. I also love that the length of the shorts hits a the 'perfect' spot, and are a little on the longer side for comfy coverage. Seriously a must have look!
9. Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager. This massager is a miracle worker. It has three different speeds, and also has a heat option, which really helps soother sore muscle. It also comes with a adapter to plug it into the cigarette lighter (is that even what it's actually called) in the car, which makes it great for travel. I used it on our road trip and it was perfect for easing my stiffness/arthritis pain.
10. Foldable Visor. I literally cannot stand having the sun on my face, and this visor provides excellent coverage. It's easy to pack/travel, and is easy to store, as it takes up no room. It comes in a lot of colors, and the quality is great.
11. Smart Fries. Yummy. I LOVE french fries, and even though these don't give me the same satisfaction and curb my craving like the real deal, they are delicious. The come in several flavors (my fav is BBQ), and are an easy healthy snack.
12. Drizzilicious Snacks. These mini quaker cake deserts are sooooo good! 21 pieces are only 90 calories. Order these now, and thank me later.
13. Inflatable Pool Lounger. I've had tons of inflatable pool toys and loungers over the years, and this is by far the best ever. Not only is it practical, but it also has a cup holder which is perfect for your summer cocktails.
14. Ruffle Flounce Dress. I love the cut of this dress, and the price - only $30. It comes in a few colors, and the deep v-neck is effortlessly sexy.
15. Vegetable Slicer/Chopper. Love vegetables, but hate cutting them? This makes chopping onions, peppers, and many other veggies and absolute breeze. Beware though, it is SHARP! I cut my fingers on the blades and it looked like a crime scene. 

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