Monday, May 18, 2020

Current Favorite Workout Outfits

Let's be honest, since quarantine began our wardrobe has changed drastically. Working from home means you can wear anything you want, so why not be comfortable? I mean who likes sitting around the house in jeans...

My 'outfits' currently range from pajamas, to mumu dresses, bathrobes, and workout clothes, in no particular order. I've always loved a good workout outfit, and since athleisure is all we'll be wearing for a while, I wanted to share some of my new favorite pieces with you. 

Majority of my workout sets are from a local brand called, DYI (I'm wearing their clothes in photo 1 & 3). I absolutely love the quality of their stuff, and they're always coming out with fun new patterns. Everything is made locally as well, so I like that, and like having the opportunity to support a small business. I've also been going crazy for tie dye lately, and basically bought the entire tie dye collection from Adidas. In addition to the fun biker shorts and sweatshirt, I also have two t-shirt dresses from them that have been in constant rotation.  

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