Thursday, December 13, 2018

Festive Fringe T-Shirt

You don't have to wear an ugly sweater or be dressed to the nines to look festive this holiday season. 

This outfit is a great way to wear the colors of the season, but in an understated way. Well, as understated as fringes and beading can be! Whether you're heading out for dinner and a movie, or to a friend's house for a white elephant party, this look can easily take you day to night. 

I came across this top a few months ago, and before I could snag it, it kept selling out. There's no surprise there, so you can imagine how elated I was when I saw that not only was it available, but it was on sale during Black Friday! Done & done!! It's currently available in all sizes and is 60% off. It would look great dressed up with a sequin skirt and heels. Plus, I also plan to pair it with with faux leather leggings and sneakers, for a bold athleisure look. 

If this shirt doesn't have you excited, I know this will... I have tracked down a dupe for both my belt and my bag! Woohoo! Now you totally know what you're buying yourself for Christmas, right? The belt is only $30, and the purse is $39.99 & you can get two day shipping free if you're an Amazon Prime member! 

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  1. Best blog I have read till now and T-shirt looking very great. Thanks a lot to share.



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