Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Create & Cultivate Style Summit Recap

I am so excited to share these photos with you from the Create & Cultivate Style Summit last month. 

When C&C reached out to me about speaking on one of the panels for the event, I immediately said yes! I'm a huge fan of the brand, and love how they continue to pioneer the discussion of how to be a successful, modern woman in the working world.

My panel was called,"Buttoned Up - the In's and Out's of Navigating the Blogging World." I spoke with four other fashion & lifestyle bloggers (pictured above), and although we're all so uniquely different, our shared knowledge of this business and blogging had resounding similarities. Here are some of my major takeaways: 

Know you're strengths, and acknowledge your weaknesses. If there is something you're not good at, don't be afraid to outsource - i.e., finance, contracts, etc.  

Always over deliver. For example: if you're working with a brand on a paid collaboration, and the contact requires you to post one photo, post two...or three!  If you give them more than they ask for, chances are, they'll come back to you again for another partnership. Tip: if you go above and beyond the first time, it gives you the opportunity to increase your fees the next time around.

Be true to yourself. Although we all love a beautiful picture (hello, Instagram), your followers and readers are looking for authenticity. It may be easy to jump on the bandwagon of the 'it bag,' or sale of the season, but if it doesn't align with you and/or your brand, don't try to be something you're not. 

Know your worth. No one would ask anyone else to come into work for free, so don't feel bad sending your media kit to brand's when they ask to work with you, and tell them that you  require compensation.

Stay organized, and work ahead whenever possible. We all know life happens (trust me!), but if you have deadlines to make, or collaborations you're working on, it is important to stay on top of your work. 

Learn that saying no is ok. With brands approaching bloggers left and right, it is important to know what's the right fit for you. I feel like this also applies to everyday life, as well. We're programmed to never want to let people down, so we say yes to everything, even when we don't want to. Once I learned to say no, I became so much less stressed and much happier. 

Share the wealth. I can speak to this firsthand; I would not have started my styling business, or my blog, if I hadn't had so many wonderful people in my corner. Not only did my friends want me to succeed, but they were also willing to share all the insight they had, and introduce me to their contacts.  If you know someone just starting out as a blogger, offer your help - we all got started somewhere. 

A big thank you to Create & Cultivate again for having me! It was so wonderful to meet so many great women - I can't wait for next year:) 

To see everything else you may have missed from the event, be sure to check out their recap blog post here

Photos by Breanna McKendrick

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