Friday, May 11, 2018

Casual Style - Gucci Shirt & Belt

Jeans (on sale - under $100) | Shirt (affordable version here) | Jacket | Belt (affordable version here) | Bag (similar style) | Heels | Earrings (similar here, here and here) | Rhinestone Cuff | Bangle

I definitely am a girly girl and tend to gravitate toward dresses and feminine silhouettes. From lace, to patterns, prints and of course, pink, my style inadvertently is on the dressier side. 

That being said, I'm always surprised when I show up in a casual outfit, and my friends say to me, "I didn't think you owned jeans." Like...seriously?!? Of course I do! Truth be told, I own more pairs of jeans then I am willing to admit, and I wear them more often then my friends (and maybe my readers/followers) may realize. 

I'm a huge fan of street style, and like to try my hand at it once in a while. I wanted to double-dip in the Gucci trend that's everywhere and pair this belt with this shirt. It may be a little extra, but it's definitely a look I feel like I'd see on the streets on NYC! It would also be the perfect travel outfit, especially if you swapped the pumps for flats or even a pair of sneakers. I tracked down exact dupes for my shirt and my belt that are both under $40! Be sure to check them out here and here

Would you like to start seeing more casual looks on Ashley Nicole Style? Send me a message - I'd love to know!  

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