Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How to Make Decorating for the Holidays Fun and Not Stressful

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Decorating for the holidays comes with a lot of cheer, but can cause a lot of stress, as well. There's always so much going on in November and December, that is's hard not to get overwhelmed. 

I admit, this year I have definitely been a bit overzealous and began decorating way before I usually do. I officially got all my Christmas decorations up last weekend - woohoo! I normally decorate right before Thanksgiving, but I'm back home visiting my family through next week, so I had to start early because I wanted everything up and ready when I got back. 

We have a ton of decorations, but I love adding to our collection every year. I spent a few days last week combing the isles, and finding additional ornaments, garland, and life size nutcrackers, of course - I mean who doesn't need one of those? 

Decorating can be stressful and become tedious, but here are some of my tips for making it go smoothly, and having it be a fun experience!

Plan ahead. Make a to-do list, and shop for decor early. If you find something you like and are worried you may need more of it (think ribbons, plates, ornaments, etc.), buy it. You'd rather have more than less, and you can keep your receipt and return them. 

When you begin decorating, be sure to set the mood. Light a holiday scented candle, turn on Christmas or festive music or holiday movies, light the fire, and decorate in your favorite cozy jammies - even if it's midday! 

Enjoy some yummy eggnog, with or without the spirits. I love eggnog, but I hate how fatty and bad for you it is. I tracked down a delicious and healthy(ish) version this year by Blue Diamond that's made with almond milk. The calories and the saturated fat are way less, making it easier to enjoy more! A must try!  

Take decorating one step at a time, because it's easy to overdo it. Delegate family members to help with certain tasks, and enjoy this time as a family or with friends. 

Put up the tree first, but decorate it last. It takes the most amount of time, but you can easily hang ornaments during the day, or at night, while enjoying a holiday movie!

Clean up and do a thorough sweep/vacuum before laying down your tree skirt, or setting up anything that goes on the ground. This may sound obvious, but there's always an abundance of tinsel, pine needles and glitter all over, that you don't want covering your feet for weeks. 

Put some presents under the tree. This is of my favorite things to do and something I encourage you all to do if you don't already, especially if you decorate early. I have {fake} wrapped gifts and overflowing gift bags that I put under the tree every year. Yes, faux presents. Seeing the "presents" really sets the mood, because no one wants to see an bare tree! 

Shop early! Stay tuned for some great gift guides to come, where I'll be sharing gifts under $25, $50 and $100 for everyone on your list and where to buy them. 

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