Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday's Thrifty Finds - Volume 1: Summer Ready Accessories Under $50

TGIF, everyone! 

Today I'm unveiling a new weekly addition to the blog - Friday's Thrifty Finds! Friday's Thrifty Finds (FTF) will feature my favorite things of the moment, that are all under $100 or less (hopefully less, who are we kidding?!). 

Featured items will range from accessories, to clothing, make-up, decor, shoes, books, must-have products, and even food/restaurants - you name it, you'll see it here. One of the reasons I wanted to start FTF was because when I first started this blog, it was rooted in showing every woman out there how to mix high end items, with budget friendly finds. Seamlessly merging the two doesn't have to just stop with fashion - I incorporate high/low into every aspect of my life. 

I also thought it was important to share with you a lot of the items that I love that don't necessarily get "face time" on the blog.We all have that favorite over-sized shirt, blanket, throw pillow, lotion, perfume, snack, or drug store beauty buy, that just doesn't make sense to talk about. Well, throw out that notion because here anything is game! haha. 

I would love to hear some of the things that you would like to see, and hope you enjoy the debut of Friday's Thrifty Finds - Volume 1: Summer Ready Accessories Under $50

Cross Body Bags

 Cobalt Blue - $22 | Black with Multi Color Tassels - $25 | Wicker - $19.90 

Nude Shoes

Wedges - $32.99 | Lace Up Wedges - $49.99  | Spike Block Heels - $26.98
All Shoes Fit True To Size

Ball Earrings

Black & White - $9.74 | White - $12 | Hot Pink Multi - $12 | Light Pink & White - $12 | Blue & White - $12 

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