Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Must Have Accessory: Scarves

Top | Scarf (similar style) | Jeans (only $65!!) | Shoes (similar style - 25% off with code FAMILY) | Handbag (budget friendly version) | Cuff  | Earrings | Gucci Sunglasses (sold out, similar style

I may have a wall full of shoes in my office, and have more handbags then anyone truly needs, but there's nothing my heart desires (and buys) more, than scarves. Blanket scarves, silk scarves, plaid scarves, leopard print scarves, head scarves - you name it, I have it...or want it!!

When did this love affair start? I am not sure, but it's been long enough for me to have seven, yes SEVEN, shelves filled with them. It truly is the best, and most useful accessory money can buy. 

Not an avid scarf wearer? Here is why you need to jump on the bandwagon and start a scarf collection now!

1) They make traveling a breeze. Instead of traveling with jewelry (which creates a lot of bulk and a lot of weight), switch out that statement necklace for a scarf. You'll always look chic and effortlessly pulled together. Bonus, your neck won't hurt at the end of the day, either. 

2) They're an easy way to try out a trend. 

3) They're perfect for every season! Just make sure you're paying attention to the weight and material, and you're good to go. 

4) Scarves ares multi functional. From example, they serve a practical purpose by keeping your neck warm in colder climates. They also can be used to keep you warm, or as a blanket on a long flight or drive. Most importantly they can take any outfit from drab to fab;)

5) You can dress them up or down. 

6) You'll never get bored, because every scarf can be worn multiple wayy. Seamlessly knotted around your neck, worn infinity style, or loosely draped around your neck, the possibilities are endless. 

7) You can bargain shop them! Cha-ching!!

... and that's only the beginning! Check back here later this week for a recap and photos from my Arthritis Today cover release party! Until then, xo! 

Photos by LA Photography

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