Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fur Real

Jacket (sold out, similar style) | Leggings | Blouse | Boots (less expensive version here) | Purse (in-store only, similar style) | Earrings  | Ring (similar style)

I definitely channeled my inner Cookie Lyon for this outfit (any Empire fans)?! Not only am I a huge fan of the show, but I am a huge fan of faux fur. Yes, yes, it may be a bit intimidating and over the top sometimes, but it's like a coat of armor. As soon as you put it on, you feel instantly confident... and like a badass! Unfortunately this little pretty sold out over the holidays, but I've tracked down a super similar style here. Everyone needs some glam in their life, and faux fur adds the perfect touch!

These gorgeous earrings make for the perfect Valentine's gift (hint hint). They are designed by local jewelry designer, Mariquita Masterson (a Houston institution), and are a must have. The earrings are made of glass and leather, and come in a multitude of colors. Trust me, any hue of the rainbow you can think of, they got it. The tassels can easily be removed, to make for gorgeous stand alone studs, but they can also be interchanged with other color tassels. All the more reason to expand your collection. If you're anything like me, statement earrings have caused a lot of wear and tear to your lobes over the years, which was why I was elated when I found out these were clip-ons. Yes, and yes! To order, and get free shipping, contact Nina ( 

Be sure to check back Friday because I am bringing something extra special your way! 

Photos by LA Photography

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