Thursday, July 14, 2016

Round 1 - What I Bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Oh happy day! 

I literally shot out of bed at 6am this morning to [try] to be one of the first people to shop the biggest sale of the year, and boy, I wasn't disappointed. From perfume, to candles, jewelry, make-up, denim, active wear and more, it was a constant struggle clicking through each page to not buy everything. 
Although I may have splurged a little, when you take into account all the savings, it is well worth it to start shopping now. 

Like I mentioned yesterday, right now is the early access shopping for Nordstrom Card holders only. Not to fret, you can sign up at anytime, and start shopping. They have both a debit and credit card option, and you can get all the info you need to apply here. I know, I know, it is dangerous to have a store credit card, so the debit card option is great (and new), because it links directly to your bank account, so you never have to worry about being a little spend thrift. The perks of being a cardholder is you do get to A) start shopping now, and B) shop before the public does - trust me items sell out really quick. 

I started round one of my shopping today. After scrolling through all the pages from the comfort of my bed, in my fuzzy bathrobe (on sale now!!), I had added 784700 things to my shopping cart. It was time to take a second look at everything, and decide what were must-have's. I limited it down as far I could and figured there would definitely be items I return. That's one of the best things about Nordstrom, they offer free shipping AND free returns, always, which is good for us impulse buyers. I ordered two pair of booties (see below) and know I'll just be keeping one. Same goes for a pair of sunglasses that I ordered in two color, as well as the jeans. 

Check out everything I purchased bright and early this morning. Like what you see? Simply click on the item and you'll be taken directly to it. Easy as that! Now, I have to start sorting through the men's sale to find some goodies for Adam, and through the home department for some new towels and throw pillows/blankets for the new house.

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