Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter White Dream

LuLu's Dress {similar here, here & here} | Belt {vintage - my grandmother gave it to me!} | Elaine Turner cork heels {similar here & here} | Accessory Concierge necklace | Ray-Ban sunglasses 

This week started out chilly in Houston, and it definitely is making me miss the beach. I know I shouldn't complain about 48 degrees when the rest of the country is below zero, but I'm no longer used to this weather! Brr. Adam was making fun of me the other day, and asked how I could even survive in Wisconsin during the winter when I was in high school there, and I told him that you become acclimated...which is exactly why I am NOT used to the cold now. Haha. 

These pictures were taken on our most recent trip to Mexico over the holidays. I don't know what it is about warmer climates or the beach. but I always gravitate towards wearing white. I got this dress from LuLu's a few years ago, so it is no longer available, but I've tagged three exact dresses above. What I like about this dress, is it can be dressed up or down, and the cut and open back is flattering on every body type. 

I'm a huge fan of belts if you haven't noticed, and this seashell one from my grandma is one of my favorites. It's crazy to think that she wore them, then passed them onto my mother and now I have them. Stretchy belts are perfect for complimenting, and/or giving a waist to dresses, tops and sweaters. Since this one is vintage, you can find some similar looking belts here

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  1. This is gorgeous!! I'm loving that necklace!



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