Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Desert Oasis

Diane von Furstenberg romper | Elaine Turner heels | H&M necklace {similar style} | Elainer Turner Ava bracelet in coralturquoise and mother of pearl

It's only halfway through the week and it's already been a blur. I move a week from today, so life has been very unglamorous and has consisted of bubble wrap, boxes and masking tape. So let's just pretend I'm packing in something as chic as this Diane von Furstenberg wrap romper. I absolutely love the color of this romper and how the bold Ikat print stands out against the 'desert' backdrop.

How picture perfect is this setting? It was outside of the Mexican restaurant at the Excellence Resort, Adam and I stayed at last week in Playa Mujures. We planned our trip last minute (not my favorite thing to do!), but it definitely was the perfect excuse to get a nice, relaxing break before the move.

One upside of moving that I enjoy, is getting to completely redecorate a new space. I love changing things up, and making each room look different than it did the last time. That doesn't mean buying brand new furniture, bedding or artwork, but switching up what rooms they were in, how they were displayed and where they were located - it's like styling, but for your home!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

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