Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pattern Play

Dress {purchased at a boutique a few years ago, great similar styles herehere and here} | Marc Jacobs gladiator sandal {previous season, similar style} | GiGi New York Uber clutch | Zayver Designs cuff bracelet | Kendra Scott ring

I am still a bit under the weather from surgery, and have barely left the house since last week. A few quick outings here and there, but basically I have been sleeping non-stop. I am not one who likes to sit still for long, so when I was told I needed lots of 'rest,' and 'relaxation,' I thought no way! - boy, was I wrong. Luckily, I am officially off my painkillers, and hopefully once I get my cast off later today, life will start to have its normal routine once again (I am definitely a character of habit). 

I'm certain I am stating the obvious, but life truly is so unexpected, it is hard ever predict what is going to happen. I used to push back on this notion as hard as I could, but as I've gotten older (you know, to the ripe age of 28! haha) I've learned my best to try to take whatever comes my way in stride. Life is so chaotic right now from having surgery, to moving in less than a month, that I've needed to remind myself of this a lot lately. No matter what happens on any given day, there's always a small positive to come out of even the worst day. 

When Adam and I sit down to dinner every night, whether it is at the dinner table or on the couch to watch our favorite tv show with take out Chinese, we always talk about the high and low of our day. It is a great way to reflect, and some days you may have had so many highs that the low is almost laughable, and other days, maybe the random person holding the door open for you was as good as it got. Mahatma Gandhi said, "The future depends on what you do today."   

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, and start and end it with a smile - that's always your best accessory!

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