Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Caffeine Fix

Forever 21 shorts and t-shirt {similar style} | Hermes belt | Balenciaga handbag | Saks Fifth Avenue hat {similar style} | Sam Edelman sandals {my favorite!!!}

First, I need coffee! This graphic tee from Forever 21 says it all this Wednesday morning. I must admit, I am actually not a huge coffee drinker, but love a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks when I do have it. 

Instead of starting off my day with a morning cup of Joe, I love juicing. I come up with my own creations, and I feel like it's best to use whatever produce is in season. My favorite juice to make right now is a blend of spinach, apples, banana, chia seeds and a dab of cinnamon and honey. Using the last two items definitely cuts out any leafy flavor. I have been amazed how much it fills me up, enough that I need to remind myself at noon that it's lunchtime! I definitely am not the healthiest eater, even though I try to be, so this helps ensure that I'm having some of my fruit and veggies. Plus, it tastes delicious. 

I'd love to know your juicing recipes and what makes up your morning routine. It is, as they say the most important part of the day!

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  1. Your graphic tee is too cute! I'm loving how you styled it here with printed shorts and a bold necklace! :)

    XO Courtney



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